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The 7 Secrets Every Entrepreneur Must Know to Succeed in the New Economy

With a New Economy ready to emerge, entrepreneurs have the opportunity of a life time. They can either join the middle class as it plummets into oblivion; or, they can rise to the top and claim a 6 or 7 figure lifestyle.

As an entrepreneur, the choice is yours. Where do you stand?

If you want to play it safe and stay where you are, this website and my information may not be for you.

However, if you want to take advantage of the emerging new economy, and make bold moves toward a 6 or 7 figure lifestyle, read on my friend…

Here are the 7 secrets you must know to succeed in the emerging new economy (in no particular order because you need all 7 to succeed):

Secret #1: Marketing is Everything

No matter what field you think you’re in, you’re NOT. That’s right. You’re not a chiropractor, an author, a real-estate agent, a speaker, a graphic designer, a coach, or any other type of entrepreneur!

First, and foremost, you’re a marketer.
Marketing is everything.

Without marketing you won’t have clients, customers, members, or patients. Without clients, customers, members, or patients you have no money (zip, zero, zilch). And without money you don’t have a business!

That’s why if you plan on succeeding in this new economy you have to focus your efforts on your marketing. No matter what happens, marketing is the key.

As an entrepreneur, you’re damn good at what you do. However, the money isn’t in the mastery of your particular field. The money is in the marketing.

No matter what kind of entrepreneur you are, if you know how to market yourself, you’ll succeed. And as this new economy emerges and presents itself to us, you MUST be ready. You must be prepared to market yourself more than ever!

Because if you’re ready and you know how to market yourself like I teach, you’ll stand in the middle of the biggest wealth movement in history. More 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs will be made in the next 5-10 years than ever before.

Are you ready? If so, keep reading…

Secret #2: You Must Be Ruthless with Your Time

As an entrepreneur, you already realize that time is your biggest asset. You only have so much of it, and it’s decreasing with every passing moment. That’s why if you want to succeed in the years to come you have to be ruthless with your time.

Here’s the bad news: everyone and everything will try to steal your time. People will steal your time. Technology will steal your time.

Here’s the good news: you have complete control over your time. You’re in charge of who and what you give your time to.

When you master your time, you’re able to get more done in less time. And with that extra time you’ll be able to make more money and have more fun.

Mastery of your time is important. Every successful entrepreneur masters their time. This will be even more evident moving forward into the new economy.

Secret #3: Take Massive Action

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly reading, listening to, and watching the experts in your field and around the world – all in search of new ideas, strategies, and tips. So much so, you may even be on information overload. And while I DO NOT suggest you stop learning (because when you stop learning, you fall behind your competition), I do suggest you carefully keep an eye on your education to action ratio.

It’s a fine line to walk, but understand that all the knowledge in the world won’t make you successful. The only real secret to success, which isn’t a secret at all, is ACTION. You must take action to succeed.

Of course you already knew that. But did you know there are 2 types of actions you can take? Minimum Action and Massive Action.

Here are the definitions and how each work. It’s important to take note that most entrepreneurs take Minimum Action, whereas, extremely successful entrepreneurs take Massive Action.

1. Minimum Action – this type of action is most common. It’s when you take small action steps toward a BIG outcome, sequentially (one at a time). Yes, action is taken, but at a slow, methodical pace.

2. Massive Action – this type of action is rare in comparison. Massive Action is the polar opposite of Minimum Action. It’s when you take small action steps all at one time toward a BIG outcome. All the action steps are taken simultaneously and as fast as possible.

Massive Action typically scares most entrepreneurs at first. After all, since you were a child you were taught to take things slow and think before you act. You were told, umpteenth times, the fable of the tortoise and the hare…slow is better than fast.

Well, that's B.S.!

In business, fast beats slow everyday of the week. You can always adjust and fix things if need be...but fast always wins.

Going slow leaves money on the table, and in the new economy, you’ll see business moving faster and faster. If you’re not prepared to move fast by using Massive Action, you’ll be left behind to fight for the scraps.

Secret #4: Execution, Not Work

One of the biggest traps entrepreneurs fall into is busy-work. They work all day long, but at the end of the day they are no further ahead.

You must take massive action that moves you ahead. Work for work’s sake is brainless. It wears you down and drains your energy.

In the new economy, it’s going to be more important than ever to drop the busy-work and start taking massive action with purposeful-work that blasts you and your business off the ground.

It’s all about execution. Busy work is not an excuse. There are no excuses.

Let me give you an example of this: The Pittsburgh Steelers head football coach, Mike Tomlin, was at a press conference after a game the Steelers lost. A report asked what happened. Here’s what Tomlin said, “We have no excuses. They executed. We didn’t. It’s that simple. To win, we must execute.”

You see, it didn’t matter how hard they played. It didn’t matter they won the majority of their games before this one. All that Tomlin cared about was execution. Without execution, you can’t win!

Secret #5: Create Unstoppable Momentum

In the new economy, you’re going to see a trend that has never been seen before. The majority of successful entrepreneurs will be in great physical condition. I’m not saying they will be amazing athletes or anything like that. However, they will be in shape, feeling great, and on top of their game.

Why? Because in the new economy business is going to get done at light speed. You’re going to need strength, stamina, and energy to keep up.

On the flip side, you’ll also see successful entrepreneurs handling their stress better. They’ll be able to think more clearly and decisively. And they’ll be able to take massive action without burning out.

With this momentum shift, successful entrepreneurs will be able to enjoy life more and play more, while the rest struggle and work more.

Believe it or not…this is the wave of the future.

Secret #6: Successful Environments Breed Success

Your environment is extremely important. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, the wrong environment will slow you down.

Just think of the oak tree. The mighty oak is one of the strongest trees on earth. However, if you place it in sand and in a high temperature environment, it will die. Even the mighty oak needs the right environment.

The same goes for your success. To succeed, you must hang around like-mind entrepreneurs, who understand you and where you’re coming from; who know your pain; and who can share your celebrations and achievements.

In this emerging economy, put yourself in a successful environment. Hire a coach. Join a mastermind. Read as much as you can handle. Listen to everything you can find. Surround yourself with successful thinkers and action takers.

A successful environment breeds success. Do NOT ignore this!

Secret #7: There are No Real Secrets

Shocking, I know. But there are no real secrets. Sure there are tips, strategies, and ideas you don’t know yet, but the majority of so called secrets you either:

a. Know but forgot, or
b. Know but don’t take action with.

That’s why education is so important. Of course there is a fine line between education and action – which we discussed earlier – but understand the more you learn the more you remember, and the more action you take.

Socrates said it best, “Learning is Remembering.”

You have all the knowledge you need to succeed in the new economy, or any economy for that matter. But, and this is a big BUT, you have to constantly take in new information to relearn what you used to know (and don’t take action with), as well as remember what you forgot.

Keep reading, listening, watching, and learning as much as you can handle. You’re going to need to in our new economy to keep up with the big dogs…who, I guarantee, are reading, listening, watching, and learning right now…right here with me!

So there you have it, the 7 secrets you must know to succeed in the new economy. Now, you have one of three choices to make:

1. You can take the secrets I just gave you, leave my website and do nothing. Not my suggestion, but your choice. If you do this, all I have to say is…
good luck in the new economy.

2. You can take the secrets I just gave you, leave my website and take minimum action. You’ll start making more money! However, there may come a time when your competition takes the wind out of your ‘sales’, steals business from you; and you start plummeting toward mediocrity.

If you leave and this happens, please understand you’re welcome back anytime you’d like. You may not receive what I’m about to offer you for FREE, however you are certainly welcome back. Or…

3. You can make an elegant decision and take the next step and start applying these 7 secrets NOW!

Remember, it’s your choice what you decide, however if you stick with me and prepare for the new economy you’ll receive $412.79 in FREE Top Secret Gifts (just to start)! For more details click the SEAL below:

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